Hi everyone

   I’m Dinusha WARNAKULA; me & my family welcome you’ll to my place La Fontenelle chambres d’hôtes.

   First of all let me introduce my self I am a Sri Lankan & a Ex Airline cabin crew member for sri lankan airlines; living in cognac FRANCE with my husband & two kids in beautiful 18th century Charente stoned farm house in a middle of wine yards of cognac for past 10 years.


   During my carrier I accompanied passengers to their destinations all over the world & loved it.

   Attend to their needs, be there for them During their voyages assure them, brought me such a pleasure; yet I had to give up my carrier to be there for my adorable kids. When I decided to form a family with my husband, even though I missed it so dearly ……So we came up with this brilliant project of making our house a maison de hôts brought me back my smile again, I get to stay with my kids & yet the meantime I get to receive  those voyagers both tourist n business  etc ..at home. Make their stay a pleasant peaceful one with sir Lankan hospitality,     with a great help of my husband who is also a great chef of a one of the leading restaurant in cognac “la courtine”. 

   So are u ready to discover  city of cognac in a sir Lankan way , the blend  of two cultures waiting to offer you, make your journey a memorable one…… n fasten your seat belts.

Thanking you !